❝let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”

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Oct 14th (+11)
bharatanatyamandballet: Alexandra you are such a stunning dancer! You are so incredibly amazing and a big inspiration to me! I was just wondering, when did you know you wanted to pursue dance professionally? I just wanted to know because I am thinking a taking dance as my career, but, sometimes I get scared about not making it or injury. I hope I am not bothering you, but thank you so much for being a huge inspiration to me!

thank you so much! i knew i wanted to purse dance professionally after i went to american ballet theatre’s summer program in new york. i was never exposed to a lot of professionals at the time (only watching like five live ballet performances in my life, but tons of videos) and going to new york to watch abt was crazy. i ended up watching them perform like fifteen times that summer! after that, i knew i wanted to up on that stage with them. i wanted to be a part of their art and beauty ❤️ i know it’s difficult and very easy to get injured and end your career, but i still love ballet and would want to try no matter the consequences. even so, you should still have a backup plan. for me, in case i don’t make it or injure myself i’ve created my own clothing company thats still related to ballet. but try to incorporate something else you like too. for example, if you like writing, you could be an editor for pointe magazine or write ballet reviews. if you like photography, you could take dance pictures. anything! it’s always good to have a backup plan, but don’t let the fear of failure stop you from pursuing your dreams ☺️

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Natalia Osipova as Titania in The Dream, The Royal Ballet, © ROH . Bill Cooper 2014 by Royal Opera House Covent Garden on Flickr.

Oct 10th (+342)


Dancer’s life—waiting in the wings

(top): Corps de ballet waiting to go on for the wedding dance

(bottom): principal dancer goes over her choreography for the final pas de deux

Oct 10th (+535)
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Akane Takada in Giselle

Oct 09th (+464)
The Royal Ballet’s Giselle, Live in Cinemas January 27th (x)
Oct 09th (+194)


Paquita, from the graduation performance of the vaganova ballet academy.

Oct 09th (+1045)

Beckanne Sisk

Oct 09th (+2314)


Oksana Skorik and Evgeny Ivanchenko in Swan Lake

Oct 08th (+1312)


In the Middle [source]

Dutch National Ballet

Oct 08th (+919)